The Income Gap is a financial emergency for most Americans.

Families everywhere are speeding towards a financial cliff. They will never make it to the other side where financial security and independence wait—unless someone helps them build a bridge before it's too late.

cars driving off cliff cars driving off cliff
  • 106 m

    106 million adults lack adequate financial protection, more than double from 12 years ago. 2022, LIMRA, "2022 Insurance Barometer Study"

  • 60 yrs

    Americans aged 50-59 have a median 401(k) balance of only $62,700. Jul 2022, Forbes, "Average 401(k) Balance By Age"

  • 2 x

    Americans need to more than double their savings to retire with the wealth they require. Jan 2021, Forbes, "Americans are heading for financial calamity"

  • 19 k

    The average annual Social Security benefit is only $19,370. Mar 2022, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "Policy Basics: Top Ten Facts about Social Security"

Worst of all, the financial industry seems perfectly fine letting Middle American families fall.

Financial institutions and advisors often ignore the needs of everyday Americans, preferring to focus on high net worth clients.

Everyday Americans need a bridge that helps them cross all the financial divides of life smoothly.

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We are the bridge.

Because the industry focuses on high net worth individuals, the entire middle market is open to serve. This is a huge opportunity for financial professionals.
- Sara Barnes, AF Agent
Middle class families are easy to find, they're literally everywhere! It is incredibly rewarding—and profitable—to teach and serve them.
- James Horreck, AF Agent

We close the Income Gap for clients by connecting the dots

  • First, we provide a financial education.

    We hold financial literacy events for the public and education sessions for families and individuals week in, week out.

    Then, we follow 3 important steps:

  • 1. Identify the client's gap

    Each client goes through our AF system to gather information and calculate their personal Income Gap.

  • 2. Connect the dots

    We create a customized strategy for the client, determining their specific financial short-term and long-term needs.

  • 3. Help the client take action

    With a wide range of products and services, we put in place a plan for INCOME, DEBT, ASSETS, and PROTECTION needs.

Got Questions?

Let us connect the dots for you.

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How big is the opportunity? Over 190 million Americans—that big enough for you?


of Americans are unable to answer basic financial literacy questions.Jan 2022, Kiplinger, "Addressing America's Financial Literacy Crisis Begins at Home"


of Americans are looking for financial advice but don't know where to get it.Mar 2022, Yahoo, "2022 Insurance Barometer Study"

Close your Income Gap by helping us close the Income Gap for families everywhere.

Whether you're a seasoned financial advisor, an entrepreneurial life insurance agent, or completely new to the industry, we have the crusade and the opportunity for you to make a difference.