A Passive, Residual Income Full of Possibilities

We empower our thriving family of agents with a compensation program that creates opportunity, removes limits, and enables income growth with momentum.

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Start earning quickly with referrals. Grow your portfolio—and your earning potential—with life insurance and securities licenses.

You don't need a license to get started. You can start earning referral income on day one thanks to our robust network of partners. And as you add licenses, your ability to earn more selling life-changing products expands.

Looking to earn an income immediately? We got you. The AF Affiliate (Non-Licensed) option allows you to access the premier products to help clients AND get paid for it without a license.

Create financial order and a fully funded financial future for your clients by connecting them with a full spectrum of services.

List of partners and providers

Meet the needs of your clients and capture more opportunities to serve with a wide range of partners and providers.

1 Producer Route | $ - $$$ First build your client base

Our model begins with results based work. You're paid commissions based on how many families you help. Leverage our appointment system to build your clientele.

Producer Income Example

Take a look at how you can earn $2,964 by serving one family with three products in high demand today.

2 Builder Route | $ - $$$$ Then build your team

Our business within a business model offers a limitless opportunity with expansion bonuses, team overrides, and a strategic builder's route.

Builder Income Example

Grow your team with no limits by leveraging virtual appointments, training, and building. The following assumes $5,000 per month income per agent and a 30% team override.

Top Questions About Compensation

Appreciation Financial has a minimal start up cost to onboard every agent. The cost is $100 for part-time and $250 for a fully-licensed agent. The cost gives you instant access to our agent portal, backoffice, online training system, online marketing system, and much more. There is also a cost for anyone pursuing any type of insurance or advisory license, which vary per state requirements to obtain a state license.

YES! Working remotely has become a new normal for us all—and with the ease of Appreciation Financial's system, you can work remotely. You may also want to venture from behind the screen to get some one-on-one time with your clients face-to-face. Our unique and niche market of public employees is ideal for any agent to see their clients directly on their place of employment. We have multiple resources for you to master both in person and online marketing and client success.

Appreciation Financial is a results based environment, which means when we HELP someone with their financial future, we get rewarded too. We do not offer a base salary for agents. Income earned by agents is strictly commission based, which also means there is no cap on their income or earning potential. There is also no cap on the agents you can recruit, the team you can build, or the number of clients you can help.

YES and YES! Appreciation Financial accommodates both full-time and part-time agents. Whether you are licensed already, an established advisor, or a brand new person interested in financial services, we have a path to help you become a retirement and financial expert. If you're not licensed yet, that's OK. Working with our non-licensed products could be your perfect start to a new career. You may be seeking additional income based on referrals or part-time hours, which means you would be a great fit for our AF connect affiliate program. Or, you may be ready for a full career upgrade, which means that a full-time position remote or in the schools in person would be the right path for you.

NOPE! Appreciation Financial does not require you to purchase products, build a team, or work from your phone. We are a unique insurance and financial services company that specializes in helping teachers, public employees, small businesses, and the everyday American family. Our model allows for those who would like to build a team to be compensated for additional training and recruiting, but it is not required. The bonuses we offer are only available through our Builder Route, and you may produce as a personal agent with your own book of business as well.

Ready to get started? You've got options...

Become a Client

You may have seen some gaps in your own financial household that you’d like to improve. You can take action today to strengthen your financial future.

Become an Affiliate Partner

In this affiliate partner position, you can earn additional income without a license when you join our AF Connect program as an affiliate partner. Our ERC, trust and wills, capital loans, and debt elimination are all services available within this program. The earning potential is limitless with robust team and producer training and the opportunity to qualify for company incentives and trips.

Part-Time Fully-Licensed

Joining our company part-time being fully licensed is a great step toward a better financial  future. As a twin career, you can create extra income with your license through our retirement, life insurance, and advisory products and also have access to the non-licensed programs (ERC, capital loans, and debt platform)

Full-Time Career Upgrade

You're ready to take the leap into AF Pro full-time and become a businesses owner. This means you will be building your own residual book of income while helping others and creating wealth. You have unlimited earning potential, company incentives and trips to qualify for, robust team and producer training, the opportunity to build a team, and much more!

Whatever you decide, we are thrilled to have you as part of our AF family!