In a hurry to grow fast and strong? We are too.

At Appreciation Financial, we're expanding quickly—providing you with everything you need to scale income rapidly and create a lifestyle of financial independence. We're not messing around—if that's you too, make the Appreciation family the launchpad for your ambitions.

Discover How We Accelerate Success

Powerful Tools to Accelerate Your Success

We equip you from day one with a complete suite of tools to drive the growth of your income and clientele. There's just too much at stake and too much opportunity to go slow.

Modern Backend

Process applications, manage leads, ask questions, and get paid in a single space with all the dashboards and data you need to measure your success.

Powerful Marketing

Leads, digital marketing, videos, funnel campaigns, social media management, and everything else you need to convert contacts to clients and team members.

Continual Training

Grow quickly with live and recorded trainings, licensing partners, provider and partner support, and a community of agents willing to guide you at every turn.

Your Professional Path to More

Wherever you are as a financial professional—from preparing for your first license exam to full-fledged financial advisor—you can earn an income and reach the next level at Appreciation Financial.

  1. 1

    Client Services Requiring No License

    • Debt Elimination
    • Estate Planning
    • Trust & Wills
    • Small Business ERC
  2. 2

    Life Insurance Products and Services

    • Term Life
    • Permanent Life
    • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  3. 3

    Securities Products and Services

    • Variable Annuities
    • Retirement Plans
    • Managed Money
    • Financial Advisory

We empower financial professionals in communities coast to coast with a proven system and limitless opportunity.

The Appreciation Financial system was founded on serving unappreciated teachers. For over a decade, we've dialed in a platform that connects entrepreneurs directly to leads. Now, that proven system has become a gateway to reach every family in America facing a retirement Income Gap.

By leveraging our platform you'll get...

  • Competitive contracts to drive compensation
  • Limitless potential to expand nationwide
  • The tools and leadership required to scale income

Contact us to learn more about our platform today.

Appreciation Financial

Gain a Family Culture Alive with Recognition

Everyone at Appreciation Financial has a story. Like a family, we celebrate our experiences, personalities, victories, and goals—together. It's why recognition, retreats, and rooting for fellow agents is the top priority of our leaders. Make your story a part of our culture!

Get to Know Our Culture

The Appreciation culture is like a family—just the right amount of hard work and play to remind me each week why I chose this company to build my business.

- Will Caesons, AF Agent since 2014

Look, I don't get this kind of recognition anywhere else in my life. I really do my best for clients and hit goals. It feels so good to receive so much... appreciation. I'm home.

- Sarah Neilla, AF Agent since 2011

Does the character of our environment resonate with you?

We are willing to follow a mentor and lead faithfully
We have the character to do the right thing no matter what
We have what it takes deep down to make it to the top
We take responsibility for our goals, clients, and team
We equip others with skills to be independent and strong
We believe the value comes from caring about each other
Explore our 4 Value Principles

Leadership to Close The Gap

The core of our mission for clients is to close their Income Gap. But there's another chasm we close... for our agents. Our top executives, corporate managers, veteran team leaders, and dedicated partners are all here to fill your "leadership gap". They will guide you as you start. They will challenge you as you grow. And they will hold you accountable to the commitments you make to your clients, to your team, and most importantly—to yourself.

Learn About Our Leadership

We are a close-knit family of leaders that welcomes new people who require the encouragement, recognition, training, and motivation we all need to build the recurring income and flexible lifestyle we seek.

- Ashley Patterson, AF Regional Vice President

Our culture is built around leadership that inspires you and holds you accountable to be your best. We lead by example and we will show you the way. If you bring your commitment to our mission and to yourself, you will have all the support you need to make it.

- Terry Kennedy, AF Founder & CEO

You May Be Wondering...

  1. 1

    Can I create a passive, recurring income with your model?

    Yes. Our model is designed for creating a residual income from a scalable compensation plan including both personal production, team based sales, and bonuses.

  2. 2

    Do I need to be licensed to serve clients and earn income?

    No, you don't have to have a license to start building an income. Licenses are required, however, to sell many of our foundational products and services.

  3. 3

    Are the startup costs to become an AF agent expensive?

    We have a minimal start up cost to onboard agents, $100 for part-time and $250 for fully-licensed agents. There is also a cost those pursuing insurance/advisory licenses.

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